The series is set in the near future. The increasing scarcity of natural resources has turned Western democracies into dictatorial regimes. While life in rural areas is becoming impossible, the capital has been divided into two tightly closed sectors: Sector 1 (the government and privileged) and Sector 2 (the rest). The only way to go from one zone to another is to cross the fence that separates them, for which it’s necessary to have the regulatory safe-conduct. This is the starting point of a story that will introduce us to Julia, Hugo, Emilia... a family who’s fighting to get Marta back, their little girl, now in the government's hands.

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Executive Producer
Daniel Écija. Creator
David MolinaCo-Executive Producer and Director
Inés París. Co-Executive Producer and Script Coordinator

Daniel Écija
Inés París
Clara Botas
Roberto Martín Maiztegui
Jorge Valdano Sáenz
Veronik Silva
Ángela Armero
Tatiana Rodríguez
Arantxa Cuesta
David Muñoz

David Molina
Oriol Ferrer
Luis Oliveros
Jesús Rodrigo
Lucas Gil

Casting directors:
Luis San Narciso
Tonucha Vidal

Design DP:
Néstor Calvo
Paco Belda

Daniel Sánchez de la Hera

Production Management:
Salvador Gómez
Raquel Díaz

Olivia Molina (Julia y Sara)

Ángela Molina (Emilia)

Unax Ugalde (Hugo)

Abel Folk (Luis)

Eleonora Wexler (Eleonora Wexler)

Daniel Ibañez (Alex)

Manu Fullola (Enrique)

Juan Blanco (Carlos)

Belén Écija (Daniela)

Nicolás Illoro (Iván)

Laura Quiros (Marta)

Iván Chavero (Sergio)

Elena Seijó (Rosa)

Yaima ramos (Manuela)

Ángeka Vega (Begoña)

Oscar de la fuente (Navarro)

Pedro Beitia (Rai)

Cristina Soria (Edurne)